Eagulls Tumblr Take-Over: 5 Inspirational Artists
Name five artists of any kind that inspire you—and why?
Hannah Hoch. In a male dominated art movement she arose to be one of the key figures. Her DaDaist work had a very ‘punk’ aesthetic and is still seen integrated in the punk artwork that I grew up with. Her work inspires me with it’s complicated simplicity.
David Bowie. The musical Chameleon. He inspires me everyday and is the only reason why I’m alive.
Charlie Kaufman. He shows how very weird everyday life is through his films, inspiring because although his characters and films are very peculiar, it feels like you can always somehow relate it to yourself or somebody you know.
Keith Levene. He’s probably one of the best punk/post-punk guitarists. Can’t even imagine how many bands started because of him.
L. S. Lowry. A British somewhat outsider artist that captures the look and feel of industrial Britain perfectly. Whats most inspiring is his persona. He was a shy person who didn’t really like to be approached by strangers and this had him keeping a suitcase by the front door so that he could claim to be just leaving, a practice he claimed to have abandoned after a helpful young man insisted on taking him to the railway station and had to be sent off to buy a paper so that Lowry could buy a ticket for just one stop without revealing his deceit. Inspirational as it shows not every artist wants fame.

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