Eagulls Tumblr Take-Over: Favorite Places In Leeds
Five places that you love in Leeds—and why?
Brudenell Social Club. This is the venue of all music venues. A family owned and ran club with low priced drinks and an amazing gig space. The sound here is always on point and everything in sight has hints of the 70’s/80’s.
Wharf Chambers - A more DIY venue which is located in the city centre. Most DIY punk/ noise bands on tour in europe stop off here. Sam Smiths ales and a strict anti-oppressive attitude flows throughout this bar. And you have to be a member! When we was here last we covered the venue floor in bed mattresses so the crowd was falling over one another when we played.
Milo - The place we always end up. And also the place we never remember going to the morning after.
Swiss Cottage Antiques - Just behind our house where we live is a small warehouse that is filled with everything old. On my days off I like to stroll around and browse at things I can’t afford.
Leeds Market - The smell of fish. The smell of stale urine. The local fashion.

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